Thank you for visiting our website. We are located in Central Florida, just outside of Orlando.  We don’t think of ourselves as a “cattery”, but rather, a home filled with animals because of the love they share with us.  My female cats aren't caged and they have free run of my house when they don't have babies.  They are all well mannered and clean.  I completely change my kittens' litter boxes every 12 hours; males every 24 hours and females every 48 hours.   People coming to my home for the first time are surprised to find that I have several cats as there is no cat odor.  

The British Shorthair cat, when compared to most shorthair breeds, is a relatively calm cat when they mature. They are easygoing in nature and talk infrequently. Their "talk" is more like a gentle purr.  They are very affectionate and become quite attached to the people they own. British Shorthairs are easily trained and very adaptable. They seem to get along well with all human members of the household, regardless of age, but are usually not fond of being carried around or held in laps. Let them come to you and you'll find them following you from room to room and sharing your couch and bed and keeping you company as you go about your daily routine.  They do value their alone time, too, making this a good breed for a family absent from the home during the day.

No breed specific, health related problems plague the British Shorthair.  However, my cats have tested PKD, FeLV (Feline Leukemia), and FIV (AIDS) negative.  In addition, my cats are all blood type A (AA, AB or Ab).  Kittens will be ready for their new homes when they are at least 12 weeks old.  They will have received age appropriate prophylactic wormers and vaccinations, have had a thorough exam by my long time veterinarian.  They will come with a Florida Health Certificate and TICA registration papers.  While nearly all of my kittens over the years have been sold as pets, I do not have a blanket policy against selling quality kittens being allowed for breeding.  You must either have proven experience or prove that you are serious and conscientious by thoroughly researching the breed and what is entailed to be an animal breeder.  As of July 2020, as a result of Covid restrictions, most of our kittens are delivered via our reliable, in cabin pet nanny.  We offer shipping all over the US.


This was my persian stud cat.  He was 13 years when this photo was taken.  He was born in Louisiana, moved to Saudi Arabia with us and then to Florida, where he passed in 2003.

​​Making Families Complete - One Kitten at a Time!

​​Gigi Silver Brits - British Shorthair Kittens

I bred CFA registered Persian cats in the 1980's.  The photos below are Elizabeth as a kitten and when she was 20 years old.  She passed in 2008

My daughter, Noelle, with Stephanie around 1989.  Stephanie was a very weak kitten that I have to hand feed.  I took her everywhere in my purse along with an eye dropper of kitten milk.  I gave her a couple of drops of milk every 5 minutes or so until she grew stronger.  She lived to be 13 years old.

June 20, 2022 - Lark (British Shorthair) and Leo (Scottish Fold Shorthair) had 3 beautiful babies!  It's early to tell but it looks like a we have a blue bicolor male with white paws, seal color point female  and a silver shaded female fold kitten.  $2,000 after vet exam the end of July, vaccination, negative fecal.   Please call Heidi in Tampa - 952-270-0341

Home raised with love in a clean and healthy environment.

Quality, Healthy & Home Raised British Shorthair Kittens

Zeus - Bicolor Scottish Fold