I have had a lifelong passion for all animals but especially for horses, dogs and cats. There have been only very short periods in my life when I didn't have a dog, cat or horses.  I am now retired after having a career in real estate finance and property management.  You can learn more about me from my old professional website: http://mariasaid.com/

I started showing my quarter horses as a kid in Oklahoma.  As a teen, I started breeding and showing Dobermans.  I have bred Siamese, Himalayan, Persian and Ragdoll kittens over 40 years, off and on.  You can see the caliber of my breeding on my old, ragdoll website:   http://rianneragdolls.tripod.com/  During the 1980's and early 1990's, I bred registered arabian show horses.  That was before I knew much making websites but I've included a few photos of my Arabians.  

After my retirement in 2014, I purchased a male Malshi puppy as a companion to my Papillon, Savannah.  He turned out to be such a wonderful, well mannered dog that I decided to start breeding 2nd generation Malshi puppies.  My breeding philosophy  is that dog should be dogs so I only breed my females 2 or 3 times and then neuter and retire them.   By the end of 2018, all of my breeding girls  will be spayed and given to my friends.   Shelby and Savannah are my forever dogs.  This is my Malshi puppy website:  http://www.floridamalshi.com/

I've been asked how I can up with the cattery name of Gigi.  Gigi is my new "grandma name".  My daughter and her husband are expecting their first baby, my first grandchild, in September 2018.  My maiden name is Gruner so Gigi stands for Grandma Gruner.

 I hope you enjoy looking at the photos of my cats, dogs and horses.  Animals have enriched my life beyond description.  I welcome your emails and phone calls if you have any questions or need more information on my British Shorthair kittens.​

Gigi Silver Brits

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