​​Gigi Silver Brits - British Shorthair Kittens


10/29/2020 - All or our cats are DNA'd and have tested negative for PKD, FeLV and FIV.  All of our kittens and cats are TICA registered.  Zeus and Tensy have a very young litter of 3 boys - all color points, either golden or silver.  Reservations start on November 10th.

Quality, Healthy & Home Raised British Shorthair Kittens

Making Families Complete - One Kitten at a Time!

Scammers are everywhere!  Please check me out! 

I have professional licenses issued in the state of Florida.  In order to obtain and renew my licenses, I have to have FBI criminal background checks every 2 years.  I have owned my own home 2131 Kane Park Dr, Windermere, Florida for almost 23 years!

Maria Gruner Said, MBA

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Our kittens are home raised with love in a clean and healthy environment!

Kittens are well socialized, vet checked, vaccinated, health cert, health record and guarantee.   We are located in Orlando, FL.  Please email for current kittens:  Maria@MariaSaid.com

All kittens are TICA registered.  Pet kitten prices start at $1,600 to $2,000.  TICA breeding rights are extra to approved homes only.


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Comments from very happy new kitten owners!


Got my sweet kitten a little over a month ago.  Highly recommend!  She's the sweetest baby. - Helen - Pennsylvania

She is the best kitten!  She's doing great & has adjusted well.  She loves everyone.  I couldn't be happier! - Anjelycca - Florida

Lily is such a doll!  Such a good, loving kitten.  I couldn't be happier! - Joseph - Florida

Talk about a happy kitten!  Thank you!!!  I couldn't be happier! - Ross - Kansas

She loves to be petted & plays with us.  i'm so impressed!  You are awesome! - Helen - Pennsylvania

She is amazing!  She is eating great and using the potty perfectly.  She's a purring machine. - Anjelycca - Florida

He is super energetic! - Hailey - Washington

She is so adorable!  Helen - Pennsylvania

Mateo is very sociable.  He gets along with everybody.  He is very pretty and big.  He is going to be spectacular! - Maria - Florida

Basil is such a beautiful, wonderful and trouble free kitten! - Katie - California

​She is the sweetest, most affectionate kitten we have ever had AND a real beauty! - Lance & Sally - Florida

This kitty is the most loving I've seen. She purrs anytime I touch her. I love it. I couldn't be happier - Cathy - Florida

​She is doing great!  She is so lovely and friendly.  Thanks again. - Ender - Virginia

​She is here and she is amazing!  Thank you so much. - Vlady - New York

Every day we love her more and more.  Thanks again for her.  She is amazing! - Oxana - Maine

​He has settled in and is very playful and talkative.  - Caroline - Florida

​​Thanks for our little buddy!  He's doing very well and gets along with our family.  He's a quick learner.  - Brian - Indiana

Love him!  Thanks for making such wonderful cat personality! - Michelle - Georgia

Beautiful kitten.  She's a cutie! Thank you! - Sally - Florida 

He's very sweet and cuddly - Erin - California

He is a LOVE BUG - Missy - South Carolina

I am very lucky to find a good breeder like you.  He is really a happy angel and has brought so much joy to our familySally - Illinois

They are doing great - immediately adapted to new home.  Lots of playing, sleeping and cuddling.  Amy - New Mexico

He is doing great.  He's eaten and peed in his box!  Missy - South Carolina

We wanted to let you know that Isabel has been the most perfect kitten!  She's fun & curious & makes us laugh every day.  We can't       thank you enough for such a beautiful kitten. - Hillary & Robert - Florida


We are enjoying our new additions and will continue to love and spoil them just the way Maria did. The kittens were well cared for       and treated like her children.  Maria's home  was very clean and free of any odors.  - Tina - Florida

Maria, he is so clever. He eats well, plays well.  Purr, purr.  Qi - California

Maria helped me get the sweetest, most beautiful kitty. She is pretty much the perfect cat. Maria was wonderful and helpful and went       above and beyond to get the kitty from Florida to Utah. She’s a darling lady who truly loves the kitties she raises. Thanks again,           Maria.  Anne Marie - Utah
I feel so grateful for bringing me such an angel.  She is so awesome.  Ningliu – Wisconsin
We are in love!  She is a feisty one!  Bethany – Michigan
She is adorable!  Talya – Michigan
Thanks sooo much for bringing such beautiful kittens in the world!  I am sooo happy with him. Yukun – New York
They are beautiful in temperament and in appearance.  Much loved! - Mary - Florida
She is doing great and has been playing and purring all morning!  Hillary & Robert – Florida
OMG!  He is super cute!  Shuyi – California
Everyone doing great, eating like athletes and playing and running.  Today, we found our purr when discovering it's great to be petted        and lovey dovey. Thank you for making our family complete.  Mike & Jan – Florida
My kitten is doing well.  He is very docile and smart and likes to be neat and tidy!  My vet said he is very healthy!  Celine – Florida

​This is a huge THANK YOU for everything you have done relative to Basil. He is precious, adorable, happy, healthy, confident… a great        reflection on your care and breeding program.  Katie - California

Anfisa is wonderful…very playful and sweet..adapting so quickly…sleeping with us and going to her new litter box without a problem.          Thank you Maria for such a perfect kitten.  Natalia – Florida
I'm sure he'd be an Instagram star if we had the time or inclination. :) He's a very good and stunning looking boy.  Thanks so much!            He's gorgeous!  Makes me proud.  – Aaron – Pennsylvania
Our new little kitten has adapted wonderfully to her new environment.  I have had several cats in my lifetime, but she has the                    sweetest and friendliest personality of them all. Judy – Nevada
She has a lot of personality!!  She follows me around too.  If my husband goes to the garage, she watches for him and will run to him          when he comes in. Janet – Florida
We're really in love with Niska!  She's quite fun and gets along superbly with the dog. They're so comfortable together - sleeping,                playing, and generally keeping tabs on each other. Keeps things lively!  Jennifer – Florida