Quality, Healthy and Home Raised British Shorthair Kittens


Hope's 4 kittens born on January 30th - 4 boys!

We have kittens!  Holly has 4 silver shaded kittens available around April 10th - 3 females & 1 male

Hope has 4 kittens available also around April 10th - 3 silver shaded males & 1 black golden shaded male.

My kittens aren't just cats.  They are cherished babies.  I hope you feel the same way!

Making Families Complete - One Kitten at a Time!

Gigi Silver Brits

Holly's 5 kittens born on January 28th - 4 girls and 1 boy.  The boy is red collar on the far left.  The black golden female is reserved.  The only male (red collar) is reserved.