Making Families Complete - One Kitten at a Time!

Nearly identical in looks.  Cashmere is slightly larger than Chanel

Arrived!  In kitty condo for 3 days

Both Cashmere and Chanel have Tested Negative for PKD, FeLV and FIV.  Chanel is Bloodtype AA or AB; Cashmere is Bloodtype Ab.

Cashmere and Chanel came from San Francisco.  Their breeders weren't "breeders" in that they only owned two pet cats - both silver chinchilla pointed British Shorthairs.  As such, they did not purchase the registration papers or breeding rights for their cats as the price is typically doubled or even tripled.  Cashmere and Chanel are not registered.  They are both stunningly beautiful nearly all white cats with blue eyes.  Their kittens' price will be significantly lower than their registered half siblings to reflect the lack of registration.  Their kittens will, of course, receive the same high level of care as their registered siblings.

Quality, Healthy and Home Raised British Shorthair Kittens


Gigi Silver Brits

In their travel carrier before their flight

At home in San Francisco

Cashmere and Chanel's Dad and Mom