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Frequently Asked Questions


Gigi Silver Brits


Cashmere's and Chanel's not registered and are sold as pet only - $1,200.  Blue eyed, pointed is $50.00 more.

Trisha's, Stephanie, Hope's and Holly's kittens are TICA registered and are $1,600.  Blue eyed, pointed is $50.00 more.   Deposit to reserve a kitten is $500.  

Full TICA breeding rights (to approved homes only) are an additional $800.00

If you would like to reserve a kitten, please contact me for a reservation form for your review.

Quality, Healthy and Home Raised British Shorthair Kittens

When can I pick my kitten up to take him home?  Kittens receive their 2nd core vaccination at 10 weeks.  Generally, they can go to their new homes a few days after receiving this vaccination and their Florida Health Certificate.

What kind of vaccinations, tests, wormings and training will my kitten have before I pick him up?  Your kitten will have had prophylactic wormings every 2 weeks, starting at 6 weeks; will have a negative fecal text, 2 kitten core vaccinations and 2 health exam by my long time veterinarian as well as a Florida Health Certificate.  Your kitten will be litter box trained.

Do you ship kittens and what is the cost?  Yes, we will ship your kitten to any airport that has the United PetSafe program.  This program does not have any outside temperature restrictions as United Airlines provides immediately transports to and from the plane with no wait time in cargo or the tarmac.  The cost for shipping, including carrier, interstate health certificate, transport to the airport is $430.00  Please check with United to learn if your major airport provides this service.

When should my kitten be neutered?  Check with your veterinarian but generally it is recommended that kittens be neutered around 5 months or so.  You will receive a copy of your kitten's registration papers when you pick up you kitten.  You will receive the original certificate upon written proof of neutering.

Do you sell kittens with TICA breeding rights?  Sometimes, to approved homes only.  There is an extra charge for TICA breeding rights.

Why is there a difference in pricing based on kitten colors and eye colors?  It's a matter of supply and demand.  We breed primarily silver shaded kittens with the occasional black golden shaded kitten.  However, there is a large demand for our few goldens.  It seems people prefer blue eyed cats over turquoise or green eyed kittens so blue eyes comes at a premium.

Do male cats spray?  All cats can spray - male, female, neutered, not neutered!  However, early neutering (around 5 or 6 months) will almost guarantee that your cat won't spray.  I believe that spraying is an inherited, personality trait.  Teddy, my male (stud) cat does NOT spray and has free run of my house.  I have not heard of any of his kittens spraying or marking territory.  It is very important to keep a clean house related to cats - litter boxed scooped at least once a day and litter changed frequently; any accidents should be treated with an enzyme cleaner to eliminate odor.